General Questions on CAN

General discussion about interfacing with the CAN bus
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How the heck did I end up here?
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General Questions on CAN

Post by jpitz31 »

Hi new to the board. Just picked up Craig Smith's "The Car Hacker's Handbook" Getting up to speed on CAN. I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Classic. Just ordered the Security Gateway Bypass cable and a bluetooth OBDLink device.

A few questions, The BCM is locked and my dealer will not provide me the security key, I can more than likely use the Chrysler PIN Puller to get my 4 digit pin, unless anyone has a better solution.

I would also like to unlock the PCM. I understand that there are companies that will unlock the PCM for around $250.00. Is there a solution that is known about here on the board.

I could purchase a new unlocked PCM and tuner, but DIabloSport wants over a $1000.00 for that solution.

I also plan on purchasing the Macchina M2 CAN board. unless there are better recommendations.

Any additional information would be most helpful. I plan on digging through the forum to see what I can learn in the mean time.


How the heck did I end up here?
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Re: General Questions on CAN

Post by bcrodick »

Hello Joe,
I'm also just getting started.
Basing my initial effort using Microchip products because they are said to be a supplier to Ford and Jaguar in my era of interest.
I've purchased the CAN Bus Analyzer APGDT002, the LIN Bus Analyzer APGDT001 and the CAN Bus Monitor Demo Board Kit MCP2515DM-BM.
The software associated with the MCP2515 may prove useful initially until a more flexible software is needed.
Then, possibly P-CAN Explorer by Peak System Technik. Software suggestions would be welcome.
Also, a PICkit starter kit as I hope to automate monitoring and response for specific signals.
Steep learning curve on the horizon.

best regards,
Mechanicsville, VA ( :D Happy coincidence)
Mechanicsville, VA ( :D Happy coincidence)
"A simple solution is better than a more complex one"
Paraphrase of Willian d' Occam
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