Door lock/unlock for Jeep GC WK SRT8

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Door lock/unlock for Jeep GC WK SRT8

Post by prascho11 » 2019 Apr 08 15:43

Hi there! I need some help for Daimler-Chrysler CAN stack (Jeep Grand Cherokee WK SRT8, year 2006)... Below are the logs when "Door Lock" and "Door Unlock" has been triggered: ... s7BGQWIcpn

The duration for those sequences is around 20 seconds until bus totally calms down. You can see it is huge amount of messages.
I need one unique message out of there which guarantees that the vehicle has been locked (armed) and another message indicating that the vehicle is unlocked (disarmed). Which are those messages or some bits activated?

PS: By the way if anyone is interested I managed to figured out which are the "Door Open", "Hood Оpen" and "Trim Disturbance Detected". They are as follows:
ID (first byte hex): | Payload (next bytes hex):
13 | 08 04 01 95 C5 - driver's door open
13 | 08 04 02 95 C5 - passenger's door open
13 | 08 04 04 95 C5 - rear right door open
13 | 08 04 08 95 C5 - rear left door open
13 | 08 04 00 95 C5 - trim disturbance (microwave field sensor triggered) or hood

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