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User registration closed

Posted: 2021 Jan 31 13:27
by linuxkidd
New user registration is now closed.

Over the past few years, there have been hundreds of spam registrations per year, with only a handful of legitimate users. Also, the activity level of the forum has dropped off significantly. All signs of a dying community -- and that's OK.

At this time, I'm closing new user registration but leaving the forum active for current users to wrap things up, etc. Unless the forum activity changes drastically, I may look to shut down the forum in about a year, so consider this a heads up.

Thanks to all who contributed, and to all that found value here, your interest was appreciated.


Re: User registration closed

Posted: 2021 Mar 03 08:34
by nemiro

Re: User registration closed

Posted: 2021 Mar 28 12:42
by BiggRanger
That's sad. I got a lot of great information from here and posted a couple of my projects and got some great feedback, as well as helped out a few others... CANHack had a good run over the last 16 years. Thank you for putting the community together and all the work you put into it over the years.

Re: User registration closed

Posted: 2021 Apr 10 01:35
by nemiro
I wonder if there is an efficient way to get an archive of all of the site postings, that we can download for future reference?

Re: User registration closed

Posted: 2021 Apr 25 14:53
by bcrodick
Based on guest visits, it appears that there may be a new generation of interest. Are volunteers needed to help monitor or otherwise support the site for make it viable? Can I help?