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Happy To Help

Post by slammers » 2010 Mar 16 19:03

Hello all,

I would be happy to help out with any coding projects. I am an Electrical Engineer who has been developing Tire Pressure Monitoring systems for cars and commercial vehicles for over 20 years.

I have been developing CAN based products for the passed 10 years. I have written diagnostic programs for CAN communications in both Borland C++ Builder and MS C#.

I have developed CAN applications in embedded controllers using Freescale MC9S12C64 and MC9S12XEG128 processors. I am also very familiar with Atmel micros.

I have ordered a 2010 Challenger that I am expecting in a month or so. I will be starting my own projects soon after :)


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Re: Happy To Help

Post by linuxkidd » 2010 May 04 09:58

Welcome Shaun,
Apologies on the late approval. I didn't get notice of this post for some reason. Sounds like you've got a very good skill set, and should have your Challenger by now. Anything cool you're working on with it?

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