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How the heck did I end up here?
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- madelgado - One more brain for the project

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Hello all, I have just joined the forum... I own a VW Passat 3BG (or B5.5) and I am building a Carputer system, fully developed by me, since it is not the standard type of carputer that you have on your minds... I chose to buy a Chinese "all-in-one" (to have at once radio/rds/dvd/mp3/usb/navigator/steering-wheel integration/amplifier/disc reader/ etc) and I prefer to use the AV-input to fill the gaps, that is a board computer that I am building. Basically it will work over:

* Comfort can-bus status screen: I need to connect USB<->CAN-BUS adapter and read the info, and optionally to participate in the bus to do things that my car doesn't do, like folding the mirrors after parking, etc
* Tire Pressure System: It is coming... but it will connect via USB
* Web-cam for backup camera: Already working
* Web-cam for front parking camera: Already working
* Parktronic display: still integrating the ECU with a USB-Serial converter
* and so on...

I found this forum and I guess that I can fit well in it, not only because I will "consume" information, but also because I will "POST" whatever I might find regarding the can-bus network of my car.

The first thing that I need is the interface. I couldn't login until a while ago, but the first thing is to read about it in the already existing threads... I just comment/ask here because the first think that I want is to introduce myself. Cheers!
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