New jeep guy...

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How the heck did I end up here?
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New jeep guy...

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Hello everyone.

I'm a jeephead.

I found this forum while doing research for an engine swap. I am trying to find a way to install a 2005 Jeep liberty CRD engine and 545 automatic transmission into a 2005 Jeep Wrangler. The CRD liberty uses a small CAN-C network between the ECM, FCM, and ABS module. I need to build an interface 'gateway' module to allow me to eliminate the CRD ABS module and provide some missing CAN-C and PCI bus functions across the platforms.

My basic CAN-C problem is that I need to feed a wheel speed message to the ECM in CAN-C.

My other problems are that I need to translate some PCI messages into another PCI message format for the Instrument cluster. This will allow all the stock guages to work including the Tachometer and Speedometer.
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