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New member, Jaguar fan in Mechanicsville, VA USA

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Hello fellow hackers!
I'm a retired mechanical engineer, free to peruse my first love, electronics!
Automotive CAN hacking merges two favorites: electronics and mechanical.
I am new to CAN hacking, so there is much to be learned but I hope to share too, whenever possible.

My present project is a 2010/11 Jaguar XK purchased at salvage auction, saved from the "breakers" as our UK friends would say.
I have a copy of JLR (Jaguar/Land Rover) SDD (System Driven Diagnostics) that can be used to tease out CAN messages for many functions.
Once the CAN messages of interest are identified, I hope to use a Microchip controller to monitor and respond. Also, I hope to use the Microchip controller to monitor voltage levels and send appropriate can message.
Currently, learning with Microchip CAN Bus Monitor Demonstration Board MCP2515DM-BM. Also, CAN Bus and Lin Bus Analyzers APGDt002 and 001, respectively.
Not yet competent with microcontroller, but learning using a PICkit starter kit.

A very steep learning curve is anticipated. Colaboration(or just plain help) will be appreciated.

Best regards,
Mechanicsville, VA ( :D Happy coincidence)
Mechanicsville, VA ( :D Happy coincidence)
"A simple solution is better than a more complex one"
Paraphrase of Willian d' Occam
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