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Newbie Learning CAN

Posted: 2020 Oct 26 17:58
by rcampbellbassac

I have a 2005 GM instrument cluster (from an H2, but I have no access to the vehicle), some random devices (namely some stm32 bluepills, but other stuff too), some basic tools, and a desire to get the cluster working with simhub so I can run Farming Simulator 19 with the instrument cluster. Once done, I have a long-term goal of using this as a classroom device to teach Lao people about the basics of CAN (once I learn the basics myself! lol). I'm stronger on the software side than hardware, but love learning new things!

I also have a BMW e66 cluster I'm hoping to get running one day, but for now, I'll stick with the H2 cluster.

Any tips, recommendations, links to resources, and whatnot is appreciated!