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Newbie Here

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Hi new to the board. Just picked up Craig Smith's "The Car Hacker's Handbook" Getting up to speed on CAN. I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Classic. Just ordered the Security Gateway Bypass cable and a bluetooth OBDLink device.

A few questions, The BCM is locked and my dealer will not provide me the security key, I can more than likely use the Chrysler PIN Puller to get my 4 digit pin, unless anyone has a better solution.

I would also like to unlock the PCM. I understand that there are companies that will unlock the PCM for around $250.00. Is there a solution that is known about here on the board.

I could purchase a new unlocked PCM and tuner, but DIabloSport wants over a $1000.00 for that solution.

I also plan on purchasing the Macchina M2 CAN board. unless there are better recommendations.

Any additional information would be most helpful. I plan on digging through the forum to see what I can learn in the mean time.


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