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hack the planet

Posted: 2020 May 18 13:40
by elf
my name is elf i love working on cars but not for speed. i love the electronic side of it and i been able to dominate the area but having help is always appreciated. i build vehicles for people with disability and when some call it hacking i see it as making the vehicle accessible for them. to explain a bit further there no way for a quadriplegic to insert and turn the vehicle on. this means i have to hot wire it to a switch and or touch screen in order for the client to be able to drive himself without anyone assisting him. im here to find help in my craft and if possible to help others im proficient in CAN and till recently LIN. i find what we call secondarys ( A/C, Windows, Handsfree, Windshield wiper, lights, etc). i also do drive by wire if you never heard of it look it up i was as surprised as you will be when i found out. anyways im glad i found this community and hope to be a part of it.