2006 Charger Hemi transplant into 51 Plymouth

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2006 Charger Hemi transplant into 51 Plymouth

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I have a 1951 Plymouth that I've transplanted a 2006 Dodge Charger 5.7L Hemi. I have the NAG-1 trans, engine computer, front end computer, ABS controller, transmission controller, counsol shifter, original steering column, dash gauges, etc. All transplaneted and running. I had to mount a 24 tooth tone wheel on the driveshaft through some digital logic to drive the abs inputs to the ABS controller. Only thing I have to do is disable the tranction control to keep car from going into limp-home mode. With the same ABS siganl from front/back wheels, ABS detects traction control fault and set limp-home mode. With traction control disabled - I can't use speed control.

Anyone else do this kind of swap?
How'd you deal with the ABS computer?
Can I do a CAN hack and tell the ECU everything is fine and don't need any ABS?

Help would be appreciated.
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