Automotive CAN-Bus Noob

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How the heck did I end up here?
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Automotive CAN-Bus Noob

Post by JZZ30 » 2016 Jul 07 17:10

What's good CanHack - My name is Travis. Joined this forum in hopes of learning as much as I can about communicating with the CAN-bus protocol in both of my cars, so I guess this is somewhat strictly automotive driven if I have to explain why I found the need to join.

Never really used a Linux platform before, but I recently got my VM machine going, so time to learn. I've really only spent time underneath the hood of cars working on the mechanical aspects of things along with using third party units to read/flash factory ECU fuel/ignition tables for tuning purposes, so now I'd like to switch it up and understand wiring/electronics, more specifically the industry standard of CAN-bus design/technology. I'm also currently going to school for Software Engineering, so I'm sure my knowledge gained here will help me along the way. Hope to learn a lot here :P
I can't afford IDA pro.. So yeah, that makes my hobby a lot more complicated :cry:

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