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Posted: 2005 Aug 25 08:12
by tonyt
I'm thinking we should submit this project to be a topic at ShmooCon in DC. They love to hear about people hacking commercial stuff like this. It was mentioned that if we do a presentation that we get free admission. Don't know if that's a true statement or not, but it's worth look into.

Website for ShmooCon...

What does everyone think? I think this my be a great opportunity to get others insight and possibly more help with this. Maybe someone else has tackled this and information sharing can occur.

Posted: 2005 Aug 25 11:44
by linuxkidd
This looks very interesting... Only problem is for me... the schedule. That's right before a MAJOR event kicks off that I'm the Lead Sys Eng for .... But, being it's a Friday & weekend... this should be workable.

TonyT... can you keep up w/ their site, and let us know when there's more info for submitting for participation? ( the Free way.. !! :) )

Thanks for finding this!