Met linuxkidd randomly today

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How the heck did I end up here?
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Met linuxkidd randomly today

Post by Hype »

So I was in a Hertz rental location early this evening and heard the guy at the counter next to me tell the rental agent he's accustomed to a 400hp ride. Seeing how I'm a bit of a horsepower freak myself (99 'vette then '03 z06 and now '06 300c srt8), I turned and asked what he had: a Charger SRT8. Then he told me he goes by the name of linuxkidd and runs this site, so I had to join and check it out.

I'm a techie .. work as a senior systems engineer for a major hardware vendor, a real Linux and VMware geek, so perhaps I can help with a project or something. Who knows? Anyhow, glad to find out about this place!
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Re: Met linuxkidd randomly today

Post by linuxkidd »

Welcome Hype!
Definitely interest'n meeting you today! Glad to see you on the forums. I just finished dinner w/ my potential manager... Get'n ready for a good nights sleep..

Hope to see you around! ( btw.. the Honda Civic is a pile of junk compared the my beloved SRT Charger.. :( )

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How the heck did I end up here?
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Re: Met linuxkidd randomly today

Post by John.G »

Would have liked to run into both of you. I have a Caliber SRT4, work on the Windows kernel and am a Viridian geek (Hyper-V).
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