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Legal wonders...

Posted: 2005 Jul 26 14:03
by linuxkidd
Say.... Does anyone here think there will be legal repercussions for publicly posting the deciphering code for the CAN bus?

Just wondering if that data ( when it gets to that point ) should be by approved membership only ( still free, just verify you are who you are, or something... blah blah.. )

Any Lawyers out there??


Posted: 2005 Jul 26 16:39
by Mad Max
I don't know if the car manufacturers can say anything. Its kinda like when you go buy a computer and you figure out how to put in a new drive or something else without having the place you had build it do it for you.

Has anyone asked for "information" concerning the various CAN buses from a factory rep? Screw the dealership ... they only want you to be stupid so they can get all the diagnostic fees etc.; however, I wonder if the auto manufacturers would mind considering that the project could lead to enhancements of their vehicle in a round-about-way.

If they were approached from the standpoint that the results from our hack mission would benefit them ... because people would buy their product from the standpoint that they could do whatever they wanted after-market ... maybe they might release something.

Look what happened when IBM released their BIOS stuff. They ended up creating a huge market.

Just a silly though.

Posted: 2005 Jul 26 19:03
by tonyt
Also, how about them having scanguage tools out there to read your diagnostic codes? I agree we are just figuring out how it works and telling about our findings...

Posted: 2005 Jul 26 19:38
by linuxkidd
I tend to agree with both of you. I don't think there is any way that DCX can come after us for figuring out our own vehicles. Hell, we paid for it.

And as far as I'm concerned.. The Service Manual that DCX doesn't want you to have... Should be included with every car sold!

Why would you be expected to have such a complicated device, without the full manual?

Just my $0.02

Posted: 2005 Aug 01 01:35
by Rev.Hammer
It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. You can let the cat out of the bag, but if they want the cat back in...they gotta catch it or find another cat!

Posted: 2006 Jun 18 14:57
by este00
They'll just start selling cats with thicker fur if you know what I mean.

As far as dcx goes.... its SUCH a huge company that I wouldn't worry about them carrying about canhack... you might find one engineer who gets pissy and asks someone in legal to send a letter but thats as far as it would ever go, besides, from what I've seen no one is sending out info that is harmful.

Now, from the stance that it would be nice to get more people contributing and less lurkers. I think it should be members only.

If someone gets on, is reading a specific post and has something to add, they probably are not going to go through the trouble of registering just for that. However, if they already are a member and have the ability to post then it makes it a lot easier for them to add to the conversation, once they start doing that they're hooked and we get ideas and comments that would have gone by unnoticed before.

Besides, it would be nice to know how many people are here, how many of them post, etc etc

Posted: 2006 Jun 21 06:45
by MagnumFreak
I have been contacted more than once during the development of Morpheus from either DCX people or people posing as DCX. Until I see something in writing from a lawyer or judge if need be, to heck with them. The "contacts" have really picked up since they started the fund rasier over at lxforums.

Re: Legal wonders...

Posted: 2009 Jan 17 09:37
by protogenxl
The EFF is the best source for legal info on reverse engineering

Chilling Effects (EFF) FAQ About Reverse Engineering