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We performed an audio installation in a 06 Charger, basically bypassing the factory amp and installing new speakers. The factory audio amp was left unplugged. Right after the installation was performed, the vehicle would not shift out of first gear and the check engine light turned on. Thinking that the can bus needed to see the amp in the bus, we reconnected the factory amp and disconnected the battery for a short while. The problems persist. Has the bus detected a failure and gone into a limp mode? We are trying to prepare for a trip to the dealer and want to be armed with the facts. I know this is not a vehicle repair site but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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I would venture to say that since the Amp is not on a vital bus ... I seriously doubt that having it bypassed/disconnected would cause any problems with the make move side of the house.

You more than likely have a real issue somewhere else in your vehicle. I believe the only thing the Amp's data missing would do is notify the ECU that it is not connected and that's about it ... other than some of the audio issues that has been discussed on this site and others relating to volume control.

Standby for a trip to the dealer.
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Ya... Strange things happen sometimes... but the amp removal would only set about 15 to 20 codes on the various CAN-B devices. Since the Engine and all other 'mission critical' devices are on CAN-C ( Much faster bus ), there should be no issues what so ever with a normal stereo install. I'm curious if there was anything run from the hood area through the firewall?

Also, If you want to do a full system reset, I'd leave the battery disconnected for 30 minutes... Also, it wouldn't hurt things to actually connect the + and - cables going to the battery ( make sure the car is not running, and the battery is disconnected ) while it's disconnected. There are some capacitors in the system that like to hold a charge for more than 15 mintues. So this procedure would certainly drain everything for that 'fresh' start that you need.

If the problem still persists after all this, it's definitly time for a Star scan connection to see what's really going on. Limp mode shouldn't limit you to 1st gear. You may have acutally found an issue that's covered by a TSB... No way of knowing till it's hooked up.

Please keep us posted... Very curious what the issue ends up being.
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Much more likely you tapped into a wire you should not have. Either for power or turn-on.

This generation of vehicles is going to be REALLY hard on everyone who thought the last generation stuff was tough.

Along the chrysler lineup Limp-In Mode will put you in 2nd or 3rd gear depending on transmission. Like LK said,

Simply unplugging the amp will not do this. I DO know a really fast, covert and malicious wasy to put vehicles in this mode, takes about 3 seconds start to finish and can be done from outside the car, hours of fun for the poor sap who owns the car. Pretty much enforces a trip to the dealer. Btw, For this reason I wont be posting how to do it,
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