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Posted: 2005 Jul 31 09:29
by Mad Max
My game plan, as I get stuff written, is to upload LabVIEW VI's for those who wish to use either LabVIEW or the Run-Time Engine to interface with a CAN232 interface.

The first stages of the program will be the writing of the serial port routines. Next I will attack data logging and display of data in human readable form as various groups or individuals provide decoded data.

If anyone is interested in using the VI's to interface with the CAN232 let me know. The version of the Run-Time Engine has to be capable of running LabVIEW 7.1.1 programs.

Posted: 2005 Aug 26 19:03
by Fasterthanyou
I've got labview on my laptop. It's v7.0 though :( . I just got a 300c but I'm an ME, not an EE so I might not be much help. I would like to crack this beast because I'm a tuner on the side. I deal mostly with GM vehicles made since 82 but I would like to get into this CAN stuff. How can I help and is there any commercial products out there that can be reverse engineered?
Hope I can help and if so, please tell me how.

LabVIEW etc..

Posted: 2005 Aug 27 08:49
by Mad Max
Fasterthanyou wrote:I've got labview on my laptop. It's v7.0 though :( .
Remember you can still save back a version.

Right now, on the LabVIEW stuff, I have a basic serial interface ... a hyperterminal clone. It works just fine for data collection; however, I am not active in that phase of the project. I have been trying to get my butt in working gear using a HSC12X microcontroller.

As for reverse engineering ... hmmm ... L.K. would have a better handle on what hardware to steer toward. I think I can safely say that the project is more in a decoding phase than anything. Once the bus is decoded for more mechanical items then your expertise could come into play.

When we venture under-the-hood and away from the crew cab we will definitely need someone with a strong ME background.

Posted: 2005 Dec 18 19:05
by este00
I've just been turned onto LABView. Its freakin sweeeet. I had not idea it existed and have been writing my programs in Java, some functions in excel, even small test programs in Flash (works REALLY well since it pretty much allows you to be super sloppy with the syntax)

I'de be really really interested in seeing some VIs. I'm working on accessing my Vector hardware without paying those ripoff bastards another $600 just for thier VIs and Driver.

Its going pretty OK but I'm new to LABView, so its a little slow.

I figure my functions for CANCard XL won't be anygood to hardly anyone else. But, I plan to make a separate VIs anyone could use, like a read buffer, datalogger with filters (only show certain IDs), etc etc

Anychance you could share the stuff you have so I could get an idea how I should lay mine out ? I'de really appreciate it. (obviously remove the NOSPAM)