can_log-web pre-alpha...

Code to run on Linux for CAN interfaces.
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can_log-web pre-alpha...

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Available for viewing of 2 runs of data.

It is VERY unrefined at this point, and was merely to just get the data visible. I will be making it much more intuitive in the future. Again, this is about 15 minutes of work. ( But it's how I found the Sirius radio.. )

The page will take a little while to load. Some pretty large queries running..

If you want a good example ( i.e. Sirius ), check out Run: test2, and the 3BD CAN id. ( read it from the bottom up...
"Ain't Comin' Home" by "Silvertide" The dots in the Ascii column represent unprintable characters.

Also, the page is limited to 500 packets of display. ( like I said.. this is just getting started. )

Please, feel free to offer suggested layouts, interface methods, work flow, etc... for how you think this data could be best handled!

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