Amplifier Replacement

Ideas and discussion of what to do with the CAN Bus ( i.e. XMDirect, iPod, Carputer, etc... )
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Amplifier Replacement

Post by linuxkidd » 2014 Sep 02 21:44

Hello all,
I have a need for a project... and think it could be turned into a lucrative product in the end...

I have a 2014 JGC Limited w/ the 8.4" Nav screen. Unfortunately, ALL of the climate control, vehicle settings, heck, even the heated/vented front seats are all controlled from the screen. So, not replacing that anytime soon..

However, what I DO want to replace is the Amplifier. The issue is that the new 8.4" Nav does not change it's output to become variable when the Amp is removed from the bus. Further, I'm sure there are other things that fail when the amp is removed (back-up sensor alerts for one... and likely rear cross-path detection, forward collision alert... etc).

So, my desire is to construct an Amp replacement device that's 100% plug-n-play...

IMO, it would accomplish the following:
* Emulate the Amp on the CAN-bus
* Split the incoming 2 channel audio into 4 channels
* Accept Volume, Fade and Balance commands via the BUS and adjust the 4 channel output accordingly
* Provide Speaker level pass through for all speaker channels ( screw terminals for input, output to the existing speakers wiring on the Vehicle side )
* Amp turn-on signal (accessory On) converted from CAN bus
* Accept the alert signal from any CAN accessory to generate the appropriate tones (those not provided by the 8.4" Nav) -- NOTE: I'm not 100% sure if these are amp generated or Nav unit generated. I'll have to examine the audio signal to determine this.
- Parking sensors
- Rear cross-path detection
- Forward collision detection
* Provide an easy CAN-bus access point (bluetooth serial?)

** Extra credit for 3 band EQ.. but this would need to be peaks/curves would have to be user configurable somehow.. again, this is absolutely NOT a rev 1 option.

I'm more than happy to be a beta tester and help decode the CAN-bus signals, etc... My biggest problem is that I don't have the electronics design experience. I do have an Arduino in-house, a CAN-Bus Shield in the mail, a Raspberry Pi, and an existing CAN-RS232 adapter. All this, and advanced to expert perl, php, mysql.. and budding python experience.

I'm very open to suggestions, ideas, anything...

As a point of comparison.. the gear to do signal combining and EQ flattening of the AMPs outputs is in the $600+ range... since all the processing and signal separation is handled by the AMP, replacing it would negate the need for this expensive piece of gear... (I have the RF 3Sixty.3 and while it works, it has an incredibly HIGH noise floor.. I can hear the white-noise over the sound of the AC blower on HIGH!).

What does everyone think?
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Re: Amplifier Replacement

Post by nr0x » 2014 Sep 04 22:57

I have absolutely no idea what you just said....but COUNT ME IN!

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