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Ideas and discussion of what to do with the CAN Bus ( i.e. XMDirect, iPod, Carputer, etc... )
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How the heck did I end up here?
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Country Code

Post by redtop »

Hi i'm new on this site and new with can buses.

I'm looking for a way to change the Country Code from my 2008 Doge Ram. The Radio, an RAQ, isnt playing all Frequencies here in Europe. It plays only the odd Frequencys with an 200 khz setting and we have here in Germnay 100 khz stepping.

And there more Options in that and other Cars how can set by the Can Bus. Thirp while locking the Doors, Day Driving Light and many more.

pearhaps thome one has an Idea ?

The Big Goale is for my that your nice peace off Software runs under Linux

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How the heck did I end up here?
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Re: Country Code

Post by zuzu »

It could not be so easy to change only the Coutry Code.
I have some experience - changing Region Code for Europe doesn't change frequency step to 100kHz on FM in RAQ radio model. Maybe it is possible, but you have to do some other changes in other modules. I was in car service, which owns dedicated for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge software - wiTech. They made this change for "Europe", but it didn't solve a 200kHz on RAQ radio.

I found other solution. There is almost the same model of RAQ radio, but made for Europe. This model is RAR (supports: FM, MW, LW, 6CD changer, MP3, DVD-VES). If you have region set to "Europe" and you put into car RAR radio, then you can FM band with 100kHz step.

P.S. Your post is from 2008 y., I hope I help you or others :)
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