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Chrysler CAN-C Listings

Posted: 2020 Oct 16 09:18
by nemiro
I have previously worked quite a bit on a project to decode a lot of IDs on a Chrysler CAN-B bus, to interface RER and RHR radios into cars without a CAN Bus. That was successful, so time to kick it up a notch!

About to perform an engine swap on a Chrysler Crossfire. Crossfire uses exclusively a CAN-C bus at 500kbps. As it uses a lot of the same modules as 2005+ Chryslers, I have a hunch that a lot of what it speaks is standard for 300, Charger, Challenger, and others.

At CANHack, we seem to focus on the CAN-B bus a lot, as this deals with the things we humans interface with (infotainment, windows, lights, etc). How about the engine control side of things, all of which resides on CAN-C? I have begun data captures, and I also have a hunch that a lot of that is industry standardized, as your typical OBDII reader will easily pick up the data off that bus for data streaming and diagnostics. I am looking to marry modules in from another vehicle, and also work with RealDash for an aftermarket type instrument cluster.

Surely someone here has some of the CAN-C bus decoded already? I will gladly post up what I have, as I get it. Anyone else willing to share?

Re: Chrysler CAN-C Listings

Posted: 2020 Oct 27 00:35
by CIRC1977
The crossfire is a totally different animal compared to the lx platforms. A lot of can c messages are industry standard when it comes to obd2 information but other stuff is proprietary . Crossfire is all Mercedes and I think uses can c for module to module communication but uses sci single wire to most modules for scan tool communication.

Re: Chrysler CAN-C Listings

Posted: 2020 Oct 27 08:40
by nemiro
I completely understand what you are saying. However, much of the basic architecture, and even the modules, such as the TCM and shifter module, carried into the LX cars. I have purchased a few LX platform modules, and they are being shipped, now. I will be comparing them to the Crossfire's (and even swapping some into that car) for testing.