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New module on Chrysler 300c 2005

Posted: 2020 Jun 29 15:25
by Noc89
I am new here and new in development.
I'm looking to create a module (unless someone wants to do it for me) that will allow me to do a lot of things.
It will connect instead of the car radio and will be able to read and send information on the CANbus.
It will read:
ACC position
MDS on
MDS off
BVA sport mode
BVA sequential mode
Speed ​​up (sequential mode)
Speed ​​down (sequential mode)
Or equivalents.
It can send this information:
The radio car is present :)
Speed ​​up (sequential mode)
Speed ​​down (sequential mode)
and a power signal for these 3 rubrics: MDS, Sequential or sport, normal mode

So I would first like to know if we have already done or tried to do a similar project?
I would also like to have the list of message on my CANbus with their definitions, because I imagine that several of you have already done so, but I cannot find the list.

Thanks in advance.