Reverse Engineering of 2015 Dodge Challenger Cluster

Ideas and discussion of what to do with the CAN Bus ( i.e. XMDirect, iPod, Carputer, etc... )
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Reverse Engineering of 2015 Dodge Challenger Cluster

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Hi there! My current project is to take a 2015 Dodge Challenger cluster and transplant it into a 1977 Celica with a swapped 1uz engine.

I have managed to hack out a lot of the messages with just brute force to the cluster but I'm missing some crucial things, mainly how to increase odometer reading. I'm not interested in resetting it or anything, I only want to be able to increase it for the usual odometer purposes.

If someone is willing to provide more data there is a ton more that I also need help with such as:
Up coming turns
Current Music playing
OK Button from steering wheel controls
MPG display control
and any other nifty data dump stuff you see fit.

Anyone who has been working on similar stuff, I'm happy to share my work with. I have a spread sheet of the data.

Thus far, my project includes an arduino with a Canbus Shield and Touch screen shield allowing me to manually manipulate codes being sent on the fly. Goal is to utilize OBDII from the 1uz to read engine stats and pass them onto the cluster via Arduino. Other odds and ends will be read through sensors by the arduino (Speedo, Turn signals, head lights ect)

Please and thank you for reading! I hope the project has captured your curiosity.
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Re: Reverse Engineering of 2015 Dodge Challenger Cluster

Post by nemiro »

That is a super-cool project!
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