J1939 CAN log plotting

Ideas and discussion of what to do with the CAN Bus ( i.e. XMDirect, iPod, Carputer, etc... )
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J1939 CAN log plotting

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I am new on CANtracing. I have puchased the PCAN-USB interface which is used with Busmaster SW so far. i made a bench setup and got connection for testing purpose to a Phoenix engine controller running J1939 protocol. I have setup database and got live data include real units working perfect.
I want to save CAN log as a excel compatible format (.csv) WITH real units so i can create grafhs and more later when i am not near the machine. What kind of solutions exist to make this possible?

When connecting to these engine control units with Dealer tool then its not possible to log fuel delivery rate (miligram/stroke). and its so far not possible with J1939 cantrace as signal for this does not exist (EEC17 CylFuelRate). But on the monitor on this machine i can go inside engine control unit adresses and see this value. Is i possible to request this value through CAN transmit so it will be possible to log?

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