Chrysler REC Radio - Rear Camera Activation

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Chrysler REC Radio - Rear Camera Activation

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I have a 2007 Chrysler 300C with the REC navigation radio. I'm currently working on activating the AUX audio input through the CAN bus and the information here has been really valuable and has saved me a lot of time.

The radio has a rear camera video input, and from what I've read it was only used when this radio was installed in an SUV. Cars did not come with backup cameras. From what I understand, the SUV's had different programming in the various modules on the CAN bus, where one of them would send a message to the radio to show the camera input on the screen.

Does anyone know what the CAN message is to switch to camera video input? Does anyone have a vehicle with the REC radio and a backup camera that they could collect some CAN bus data from? Anything would be helpful.

The last resort would be to remove the radio from the vehicle, power it up on a bench and write a script to send it every CAN message ID possible, hoping to get lucky. I'm trying to avoid that as the vehicle is daily driven.
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