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Adjusting Idle 2010 Chevy Express

Posted: 2018 Mar 10 18:53
by link081787
Hi all,
I am attempting to create a script that would allow me to elevate my idle for a pre-set amount of time (~5 - 7 min). When I was in the military, one of the vehicles that I worked with had a "Hi Idle" rocker that would hold the idle slightly higher until you pressed it again. Now that I'm a free man, I want to add this to my soon to be Van RV conversion for cold mornings. I have looked at sending throttle position commands, but I don't know how the system will take just one command or if there was a better way. I plan on having a raspberry pi permanently installed to enable this, and other fun tricks.

As per the title:
2010 Chevy Express 2500
RPi 3

I appreciate any input.