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Powering up a Dodge REC radio

Posted: 2017 Sep 02 04:21
by typhoontx
Hello, folks,
I'm new to can bus world but have been a electronic hobbyist for many years.

I have a project car that I've put a 2005 Durango 5.7 hemi in a 1966 Dodge coronet .
I'm using a standalone engine/transmission harness and all that is working well.

I would like to use the REC radio in the Coronet so I did google searches over the last couple of weeks, bought a usb-can dongle and wired up the radio on the bench.
My understanding is the instrument cluster ( it was already pulled from the donor Durango when I got it :( ) sends the data that the radio needs to turn on so I was unable to sniff that before we dismantled the donor Durango.

Currently here is where I am at so far.

When power is applied to the radio the 6 disc cd changer cycles and if you punch the load button while its cycling the changer the lcd screen turns on with the cd slot #s displayed and you can load and unload cds into the unit .
I hooked the can-usb dongle up and I tried all the power up codes I could find, they all behave the same, in fact if I send any can message from the usb dongle the knobs and button lights go on as long as I keep repeating the send. but the radio on/off button has no effect and the screen never turns on.

The can usb dongle app shows I'm receiving the following data from the radio in response to sending from the can-usb note: it does this with any id/message sent to the radio.

NO Direction Time Scale Frame Type Frame Format Frame ID Length Data
0 Send 02:46:36:968 Data frame Standard frame 00000415 8 fd 16 3f ff ff ff ff ff

1 Receive 02:46:37:083 Data frame Standard frame 00000416 8 fe 16 3f ff ff ff ff ff <repeats 15x>

96 Receive 02:46:42:402 Data frame Standard frame 0000009f 8 07 20 00 00 ff ff ff cf <repeats 70x>

My question is there some follow on message that has to be transmitted to the radio following the power on message ?
and the nav dvd is missing , will that stop the radio from turning on ?

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks for looking,

Re: Powering up a Dodge REC radio

Posted: 2018 May 10 18:23
by codekey
You need to send the PowerMode ID 0x000 plus one other ID to keep the radio. Otherwise it'll reset every 8-10 seconds.

The structure for the PowerMode data is shown below

Code: Select all

//Power Mode LSFTCAN
#define POWER_MODE_OFF 0x00
#define POWER_MODE_CRANK 0x05
#define POWER_MODE_MASK 0x03

typedef union PowerModeStatusStruct{
		uint8_t byte0;
	struct {
		unsigned keySense:1;
		unsigned :4;
		unsigned keyPosition:3;

Re: Powering up a Dodge REC radio

Posted: 2018 May 16 19:21
by codekey
Turns out I have a REC radio here that I'm testing for a new product I'm working on.
To keep the radio on you have to send the power mode ID (previous post) and ID 0x415. Other ID's in the 0x4xx range should work as well except the radio ID 0x416.

I sent 8 bytes to the radio.

Re: Powering up a Dodge REC radio

Posted: 2018 Jun 23 17:20
by typhoontx
Thanks for the tips
Still no success, my can usb dongle seems to have died, so I tried using arduino's with can bus shields , I can get the 2 arduino's I have talk to each other over the can bus bus but the radio 99.9 % of the time doesn't reply to a can msg and just turns on the controls illumination.
Also the tx/rx leds on the can bus shield go solid on until its reset ( also the radio control illumination stays on as well) i'm using canhacker v2.00.01 to interface to the arduino-can bus setup.
And I do have a ground from the can bus shield to the ground wire of the radio
I've also tried no can bus termination, 120 ohm on both ends and 120 ohm on 1 end at a time .
I beginning to suspect the radio itself is broken.

Re: Powering up a Dodge REC radio

Posted: 2018 Jun 25 13:05
by typhoontx
Success !!!!

I finally got it to turn on , I think I had 2-3 problems causing things to not work

The current seedstudio can bus shield arduino library doesn't work at 83.3 k with either a 8mhz or 16 MHz clocked mcp2515
The 16mhz shields do not seem work at 83.3k even though if you hook 2 of them up to each other they can send/receive to each other fine when set to 83.3k can speeds.

The little cheap mcp2515 with the 8mhz clock boards that you jumper wire to the spi pins on a arduino works via the arduino-canbus-monitor sketch
No can bus termination resistors used , 1 foot of twisted wire from the radio connector to the can bus board