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2007 Dodge Radio Emulator

Posted: 2017 Aug 02 22:32
by rtgree01
I have a project that I've had in my car for several years... I removed the radio in my 2007 Charger and put in my own board based on a mBed LPC1768 board.

Originally it controlled the amplifier and Sirius Receiver, picked up the steering wheel button presses, and more recently displays text on the EVIC screen. I stopped subscribing to Sirius Radio and now use that mode in the EVIC to display text.

I'm attaching some of the code to this project so that others might be able to take advantage of it.... There's more to this project that I'm not including because its not really about the Dodge interfaces...

Good luck folks!

Re: 2007 Dodge Radio Emulator

Posted: 2017 Aug 03 00:29
by poop713
appreciate it I'm installing the library now, hopefully I can get my uno or redbear duo to work with it.