Script for enhanced DTC

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Script for enhanced DTC

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I am trying to read GM enhanced trouble codes (on my chevrolet avalance 2008). I'm using a OBDLink MX Wifi and just sending data using telnet on my Mac.

I gathered a lot of information from all kind of sources and I think I'm pretty close, but still doing something wrong since I always receive "NO DATA".

I hope somebody here can put me to the right direction. This is my script:

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telnet 35000

# Reset scanner
send "ATZ\r" 
expect "ELM327 v1.3a"

# Add line feed (enter)
send "ATL1\r" 
expect "OK"

# Protocol selection (I tried different protocols here, not sure which one I should use)
#HS CAN (ISO 15765, 11-bit Tx, 500kbps, DLC=8)
send "STP33\r" 
expect "OK"

# Turn headers on
send "ATH1\r" 
expect "OK"

# I have a list of Control Module Id's, this is an example for "Air Suspension Control Module (RequestId: 245 ResponseId: 545)"

# Set the header
send "ATSH 245\r" 
expect "OK"

# Set the response id filter
# As each message is received, the incoming CAN ID bits are compared to the CAN Filter bits (when the mask bit is a ‘1’, 7FF = 11111111111). 
send "ATCM 7FF\r" 
expect "OK"
send "ATCF 545\r" 
expect "OK"

# Ask for trouble codes
send "A981DA\r"
expect "NO DATA" #<-- It always gives me this, even if I have a error code in the car display
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