Renault Lag. Ph2 2007 controlling a tablet

Ideas and discussion of what to do with the CAN Bus ( i.e. XMDirect, iPod, Carputer, etc... )
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Renault Lag. Ph2 2007 controlling a tablet

Post by robertoal » 2016 Feb 26 10:27

Hi there people!
I would love to make use of your expertise for my little project :D
My englsih isn;t to good so bare with me :roll:

Controlling my tablet (or other android powered device) with the mediabuttons in the car.

ELM327 -> bluetooth -> from china
Laptop with putty for read outs
11bit canbus (i think :)) so #6 or #8 on atsp command

Custom wiring:
The multimedia buttons can bus messages are sent over a secondary can bus, which is called the multimedia canbus. So what i did is switch from pin 6 and 14 to pin 12 and 13. I did this by hacking up the BT ELM dongle.

Software settings:
Baud rate 9600

The commands I used for initializing:
ATSP6 (0 doesnt auto detect, and I did use 8 as well..)
ATCRA 601 (which is the header of the multimedia keys canbus controller)

The output i keep getting: (xx = something..)
601 xx xx ff ff ff ff ff ff < DATA ERROR

The first 'xx' is i think de key ID the second 'xx' begins at somewhere about 10, and keeps counting until '00' only to count from there again.

So the question is: what am i doing wrong? I read the entire manual from ELM327 but can't seem to find the answers..

Thanks in advance!

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