Alright, so for my first post :D

Ideas and discussion of what to do with the CAN Bus ( i.e. XMDirect, iPod, Carputer, etc... )
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Alright, so for my first post :D

Post by mrdennis87 » 2015 Nov 19 11:45

A little background:

I'm currently designing a program on my pc(eventually on android tablet), to control things in the vehicle. Right now I can control the following:
- Passenger window, rear driver and passenger windows, heat up or down, fan up or down, lock/unlock, steering wheel controls...
Other things don't show packets, like the defrost, switching the vents, tuning radio by hand, and the drivers door window... I can't figure out why.. or how to access the drivers door module :\

My question though:

I have an 03 trailblazer, which uses the J1850 VPW (GM's Class2) CAN BUS. The baud rate for this is 10.4k. I can connect and get packets and roll my windows down,etc with my pc and sending the same packets. BUT, I would like to control things with my Arduino. I believe the one wire(pin2) would be the only wire I would need to read from.. Because it's a one wire scan bus system, until GM's later years GMLAN.. Which was a 2 wire high speed, one wire low speed can bus system..What's everyone's opinion? in advance, thank you..

CAN? Tin or aluminum?
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Re: Alright, so for my first post :D

Post by nemiro » 2015 Nov 30 19:16

Could the door be on a LIN network, perhaps?

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Re: Alright, so for my first post :D

Post by TheMatrix » 2015 Dec 29 01:10

Have you found your solution ?
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