XK-532 Alarm/Remote Start Interface

Review of CAN Enabled products that are available on the market.
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Contact: XK-532 Alarm/Remote Start Interface

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Product Link

What it is: (from the site above)
Upgradeable Chrysler Dodge Jeep Combo Door Lock & Alarm Interface + 2nd Generation Chrysler Sentry Key Transponder Override
This unit provides a CAN Bus interface for the following:
  • 1. Door Lock ( Also arms the factory alarm system on this input )
    2. Door Unlock ( Also disarms the factory alarm system on this input )
    3. Trunk Pop
    4. Remote Start Ignition ( Disarms factory alarm, puts correct resistances on the Ignition MUX line, and sends a transponder bypass to the SKREEM module )
  • Door Open / Trunk Open ( On one wire. Used to trigger alarm system. )
Reviewed with the CHDL7 v2.0 firmware.

This module makes life a lot easier when installing an aftermarket Alarm and/or Remote start. I have it connected to a Viper 791xv in my '06 SRT8 Charger. One problem noticed with this unit. The CAN bus goes into a 'sleep' state after several seconds of inactivity. On the first Lock or Unlock pulse while the CAN bus is in this 'sleep' state, the vehicle does not register the request. A second press of the alarm button is required to send the signal again for the action to be taken. I'm hoping that fixes this issue in a future firmware release.

The unit is upgradable, and this feature works well when new firmware releases are produced.

NOTE: The relay listed in the installation document is REQUIRED on all vehicles supported by the unit.

DRAWBACKS: This unit does not actually have a CAN transceiver onboard. It emulates one with a PIC. This is not the best way to interface to the CAN bus and at times produces mysterious Trouble codes, but this does not seem to harm anything or cause any malfunction of the vehicle.

  • Well to be honest, you can achieve a fully functional Alarm and Remote start install without this unit. But, you're going to need about 6 more relays, and about as many resistors ( of varying values ) to pull off the install.
Full install wiring information is available in this Excel spreadsheet for the LX line of vehilcles. This info is based on my install in my Charger.

If you can read this, the light is still red.
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