Anyone used a STN11xx device for CAN?

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Anyone used a STN11xx device for CAN?

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I am hoping that within a month or two I will be ready to hop into my vehicle's CAN bus. One thing I was curious about was using a part I picked up for OBD-II use in a CAN application - in this I tried to pay attention to the actual device in use and picked up an (USB) OBDLink Scan Tool with the 9-pin (DB9M) interface to the vehicle since it uses a STN1100 (STN1110?) IC, which seems to support the high-speed CAN buses (CAN C / Diagnostic CAN C) found in our 1st gen LX vehicles. It definitely works in OBD mode on the diagnostic CAN C. I am not sure if it will work on the low speed CAN B bus. From searching, the pinout for my tool is:

Code: Select all

DB9      J1962
1            Ground
2            Ground
3            CAN High
4            K-Line
5            CAN Low
6            J1850 BUS-
7            J1850 BUS+
8            L-Line
9            Vbat
I was planning to put together a DB9F/other-F/other-M "Y" cable to plug into the bus without splicing. So far I haven't had much luck identifying a set of connectors that are easy to order a pair of, though I have browsed through some APEX, Augat, Molex, Thomas and Betts, and Tyco items (usually through Mouser / Newark / etc., I haven't come across comprehensive PDF product/configurations listings). When I have more time I hope to figure something out to avoid a splice.


Has anyone used a STN11xx device for a general CAN project and not just for OBD-II (even if also CAN)? The family reference and programming manual covers a fair amount of setting the device up to filter / spit out raw CAN data (though I haven't gotten far enough to try that part out) - are there utilities out there for working with the data format this family of chip churns out so I can eventually decode the data or contribute to our knowledge...or how might it compare to what anyone else here is using?
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