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Ok, for those of you not from this area.. 757 is the area code..
For those not familiar w/ the phrase DEFCON, it's just the name of a huge computer security convention.

So, DEFCON757 is this area's local get-together of computer hackers, crackers, etc...

I went to the first official DEFCON757 meeting tonight. Very interesting presentation by Theresa ( aka Squidly1 ) on using the PSP as a network intrusion device... Very very cool...

The point of this thread though, is related to CANHack...

Next months meeting, I'll be giving a presentation on the CANHack project.

For those curious to attend, it will be the 2nd Thursday in October ( 13th I believe ) at about 7:30 pm, in the Virginia Beach area. I'll post when it's more certain.

Also there's talk of taking up one booth at Shmoocon in DC and have demos running of all the different DEFCON757 projects.

I was also introduced to Make magazine. A Magazine about making/moding just about anything. Squidly1 suggested I submit the CANHack project to them as well.

Hopefully this will generate much more interest in our lil project!
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And I wanted to go ... :cry: Oh well!! I guess I need to butter up the boss unit in advance now. At least I have a date well into the future to suck up for.

Now do I buy her a present or just give her money to go shopping ... hmmm ... women, the blasted car is easier to figure out!
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Mad Max wrote:Now do I buy her a present or just give her money to go shopping ... hmmm ...
You would stand the greatest chance by buying her a small, meaningful gift... loaded with cash. You'll fuel her romantic and independent side. Women aren't hard to figure out, they just want us to think they're complicated.
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