Life, Love... and a little Progress...

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Life, Love... and a little Progress...

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Hey all..
Sorry for my silence of late. I've had a barrage of hardware failures, life, love, and ... BLAH!... Ok... So, the Hard drive failed in my primary coding laptop... Did the ol' scraping noise of death... Got a new one on order, and using a temporary backup till then... So, I've just gotten the thing almost back up to a state to start coding on it again...

In the mean time, I have completed the code for the CAN data generation of Channel ... AND genre updates. You can check out what I'm talking about at

All the data in the right hand side is the CAN Hex data required to send the channel and genre update. ( it doesn't have the t, the canid, nor the data count added to it yet.. )

I hope to test this sometime this week... ( Heck, I'll probably do it tonight.. )

The other bit of news is I'll be out of town for 11 days starting Friday of this week. I'm taking all my hacking stuff with me. And, since the wife likes to drive the Hemi, that leaves me w/ a TON of time in the Passenger seat w/ a PC in my lap... Lots of data captures, and analysis / code writing should take place during this trip.. :)

Will keep you all posted.
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