CAN Hackers! "Sponsor" our Minnesota LX Meet on S

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CAN Hackers! "Sponsor" our Minnesota LX Meet on S

Post by nick_danger »

There's a Minnesota LX Meet coming up this Saturday, I can use it to spread some "awareness" of the CAN hack program if someone or multiple people would like to supply me with information or maybe something I can print out and hand out to let people know what you're trying to do and what can be accomplished. If anyone has a firm handle on the goals of the CAN Hack mission and some artistic flair, you could e-mail a printable handout for me to disperse. I'm sure you'll get a couple new forum members, but hopefully some more donations. You could be our first "sponsor", but for free!
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Post by linuxkidd »

Thanks for posting this nick_danger...

All: If you guys can help come up with a concise bit of data to put together flyers or even enough to fill a business card maybe... Dunno what we can come up with. I'm not a creative person in a word-smith kind of way... So, while I can code all day... I suck at stuff like this..

All help is GREALY appreciated..
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