New to canhacking, old to electronics

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New to canhacking, old to electronics

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So last year I purchased a 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK sport. this year i'm upping the tire size along with a 3" lift... what does that have to do with canhacking you say? let me tell you about my project

so i (literally) just ordered my first OBDII to USB cable, i have a raspberry pi sitting around unused (will probably upgrade to the new 3 that is coming out) along with an ardiuno and about 20 years of electrical project shenanigans rolling around in my head to include...

1. using an arduino to sniff the can bus and control a relay board to control trail lights, winch (in addition to the hand held controller), forward and rear locking differentials, and a few other things i just haven't thought of yet.

2. Raspberry pi carputer to input commands onto the cann bus for the arduino, display and record a number of vehicle sensor, track and display current center of gravity location in relation ship to the wheel base (jeeps tip over, it happens)... etc etc

3. allow for the raspberry pi to alter vehicle defaults such as tire size, axle deferential ratio, limit/augment RPMs/throttle position (such as "control throttle to hold RPMs at 1280 for rock crawling),

now as i don't have the OBDII cable yet i was hoping i could get some feedback and ideas.
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