v2.1 ELM clones

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v2.1 ELM clones

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So I was browsing eBay with the intention of buying a handful of ELM327 clones, and I saw that they now seem to have version 2.1 out. Well, of course it's a copy of the ELM chip, but the ones I bought in the past worked well enough, so i gave it a shot and ordered 4 of them, to see what I would get.

The first thing I noticed is that the command ATMA just results in "OK", but doesn't seem to monitor any data. I had this connected to the Interior Bus on a 14 Jeep Wrangler. My other elm knock-off can read this and filter out things like the 295 (SatRadio channel on EVIC) commands, and blah blah. But this new chip seems to be missing some things. I can't get it to read anything from the Interior Bus or the Can C Bus at all. It does work on the diagnostic bus when used with the goofy little android apps.

Has anyone else experimented with these?

How the heck did I end up here?
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Re: v2.1 ELM clones

Post by OBDRipper »

Same here, my 2010 JK could not be read with a copy elm327, infact it lead me to believe that the wrangler soes not output all data to the port. when i connect the elm327 directly to the can-bus via the radio it gave me data but it thing too much data cus the elm327 receives a buffer overflow, seems like it cant keep up, elm327 chips has its place, and thats to query small bits of data, its not good for monitoring all data,

Rather get an arduino stacked to a can bus shield, which is capable of 1mbs speed and has a large enough buffer to cope
How the heck did I end up here?
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Re: v2.1 ELM clones

Post by fguarneri »

See my post here on this topic.
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