Microchip MCP2515DM-BM CAN demo kit

General discussion about interfacing with the CAN bus
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Microchip MCP2515DM-BM CAN demo kit

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Purchased this demo kit recently.. have the two nodes communicating with each other just fine at 83.333kbps. I modified the PIC's registers to get this speed, out of the box the SW does not let you select.

However, cannot seem to get working once plug into my Jeep 05 stereo CAN bus (Just looking to monitor at the moment). The RX lights up on the CAN side but dont see any messages coming thru on the USB side.

Have verified on the oscilloscope the timing for each bit seems to be the same (12us) on both the demo boards and the Jeep. So I cant understand why its not working.

Right now just have the two wires, CANH and CANL connected. Should I add a ground just in case? Im not sure what else to try...

Anybody have any experience with this kit?
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