05 Magnum with CANUSBplus Adapter

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05 Magnum with CANUSBplus Adapter

Post by beekinLeadMan »

Well, it only took me over a year to get the dad-blamed thing hacked (ok, I only spent about 10 hrs total over that year), but I got my 2005 Magnum up and running and spitting out data and I would presume that anyone else with an 05, 06 or 07 LX vehicle, will be able to use these same settings.

Since I couldn't find ANYONE with the same issues as me, I thought I would post here to make it easy to find for others (and myself in the future should I lose my documentation.
I got a CANUSBplus (Serial to USB) adapter from Easy-Sync, Ltd (it's a coffee colored adapter) and when I got it (2/2010), it came with NO instructions. Went to their website and found some information, but the most important stuff was missing. The part that was missing that I didn't know was that while using a program like Putty SSH to connect to the adapter, and setting the baud rate to 83333, no one told me that it only set it from the computer to the adapter, and the adapter needed to be set as well using the special BRGCON code. Well after getting away from it for a while and coming back, I went back to Easy Sync's website where I found new documentation that gave a list of baud rates and now to calculate their BRGCON codes. Since there was about 50 different ways to do the math, I built a spreadsheet that allowed me to set some parameters and it would give me the the 3 hexadecimal codes that makeup the BRGCON code.

All that to say that the code that worked for me was 0F1182.

So how do we get it all going? Like this...

1. Splice into your CAN + and - lines and get them connected to the DB9 according to the pin configuration in the EasySync documentation found at the Easy-Sync website. Make sure you're getting the proper voltage (you can find it in another thread on this forum).
2. Get your adapter connected to your computer using some type of TTY connection software (or in terminal for you more savy geeks), set your baud rate to 83333, and make sure you can see it by connecting to it and typing "H" (without quotes) at the command prompt to see a list of commands.
3. When using the CANUSBplus, you MUST have it on and listening before you stream data (and yes, even putting the key in the ignition causes data to stream). So don't do anything to the car at this point, it should be off and doors shut, and no keys in ignition.
4. Type O in the command prompt and hit enter to open a connection.
5. Type s0F1182 and hit enter to set the baud rate for the adapter to the car (cuz you already set the baud rate from the computer to the adapter in step 2).
6. Type L and hit enter to make the adapter start listening
7. put your key in the ignition and watch the data flow. It should do a bit of flow and then just stop. If you take the key out, it will flow and stop again. However, if you turn the car on, the data will just flow and flow and not stop until you turn the car off and take the key out and everything (even the radio) is completely shut down.

If anyone has any questions, send me a private message and I'll try to help. I have my setup as follows.
- 2005 Dodge Magnum
- Spliced into the CAN line running from the radio to the satellite receiver
- CANUSBplus (USB2-F-7101 - http://www.easysync-ltd.com/product/578 ... -7101.html) Adapter
- ASUS Netbook running Linux Ubuntu 10.04
- Putty SSH (used to connect to CANUSBplus)
- Custom ethernet cable to run from my splice up to my adapter.

Good luck and hopefully this helps you. Now if anyone has a good piece of software I can use to separate out and filter out the different ID's and view them in more than a raw text manner, well, hook a brotha up.
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Re: 05 Magnum with CANUSBplus Adapter

Post by linuxkidd »

Thanks for the write up. Looks like it took a bit of tinker'n to get all the commands right. I'm certain it'll help future CAN hackers out!

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Re: 05 Magnum with CANUSBplus Adapter

Post by Noc89 »

Hello, I have a 2005 300C touring European car, like that dodge magnum.
I will create a box for manage many thing. But before starting, I search a maximum information about CANbus of my car.
Do you have still the list of correspondence for each CANbus information?
Best regards,
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