SAE Can Standards

General discussion about interfacing with the CAN bus
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SAE Can Standards

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Some standards I recommend

-J2284 - CAN High Speed Interface

-J2411 - Single-Wire Physical Layer

-ISO 11898-1 - CAN

-ISO 11898-4 TTCAN

-ISO 15765 - Diagnostics on CAN (J2480 was abandoned)

-ISO 11992 - Truck and Bus Brake Standard

-J1939 - Truck and Bus Serial Communications Vehicle Network. Uses CAN.

-ISO 11783 - Agriculture and Forestry

-J1978 - OBD II Scan Tool

-J1962 - Diagnostic OBDII Connector found on cars and light trucks.

-J1979 - E/E Diagnostic Test Modes - OBDII modes.

-J2190 - Enhanced E/E Diagnostic Test Modes

-J1850 - Class B Communication Network Interface, GM, Ford and Chrysler.


-J2178 - Class B Communication Network Messages

-ISO 11519-2 Fault Tolerant CAN

-J1708 -Physical layer for older heavy duty truck & bus. See J1587. Being

replaced by J1939.

-J1587 - Upper layer sitting on top of J1708.

-J1699 - CARB test to certify vehicle to OBDII requirements. Open source


-J2534 - FLASH programming legislated by CARB.

-ISO 14230 - Keyword 2000

-ISO 9141 - UART based protocol - mostly Europe and Japan. AKA K Line.

-ISO 11519-2 Fault Tolerant CAN

- J2012 OBDII DTCs

- ISO 15031 = J1979
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