Spammers... I see them all the time!

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Spammers... I see them all the time!

Post by linuxkidd »

Well gents,
I found that we had a few spam posts, so that prompted me to check out our user base. Turns out.. we had almost 800 users that had never posted. Some of them had obvious spammer names ( included drug names, russian porn sites, etc.. ).

So, I took a drastic step. I have deactivated all user accounts with 0 posts. This will certainly affect some legitimate users, but they can email me and I'll reactivate their account.

So, from here on, once a month I'll do the same.. Deactivate 0 post users. After 1 month, if they've not requested to be reactivated, they will be deleted.

Thanks to those who have posted, and if you're a new user reading this, take it as a ToDo item. Go at least introduce yourself.

If you can read this, the light is still red.