Debugging CAN bus

General discussion about interfacing with the CAN bus
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Debugging CAN bus

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Hi All,

I am trying our CAN based IMUs to work on this NVIDIA DriveAGX box. Both the devices seems to be running fine independently on the CAN bus side. Problem arises when I try to connect IMU to DriveAGX. When both the devices are on the bus, IMU goes to error passive state soon after connecting. When One of the device is on the bus Messages go through alright as I have three sniffers connected (PiCAN, CANUSB on Linux Host and Vector Tool). When one of the device is on the bus, they work again.

I managed to find one IMU that worked alright with the DriveAGX. But for some reason Calibration Table in that IMU was broken. So I loaded the Calibration data and now that IMU doesnt work with this DriveAGX anymore. Maybe some configuration changes inside IMU that was working before but not working now. I had no way of copying the Flash of the working IMU before updating the calibration table.

Any pointers on what i should look for to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.

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