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ecu conflict with vauxhall Astra h

Posted: 2020 Aug 23 11:48
by Ryanaes
Hi guys I am hoping for some help in regards to sending a can packet to my car, I have everything set up and its working fine i have all the data packets that i want. For now all i want to send is one data packet that turns the exterior lights on which i have achieved but the sent packet turns on and off because its conflicting with the ecu. The ecu turns off the packet i sent because the ecu believes this is its true state and this causes the packet i sent to act as if it were a blinking led (on and off)..

1: Does anyone have any advice on how to overcome this?
2: Is their a way to stop the ecu interfering?
Attached is the shorted version of the code i am using in order to only send one packet for test purposes, Any advice of a better way to go about this would be excellent. :)