Ecu Seed Key algorithm

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How the heck did I end up here?
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Ecu Seed Key algorithm

Post by jwdoft »

Hello guys
I'm new to seed key alorithm research and I hope someone could help me with this seed key calculation
here are some couple of seed / key pairs

A2 AF 8E 55 C9 0D CC 7B / 7F 5D 4A 62 86 C7 B4 C9
9E A7 6B CD B0 B3 DE 05 / DE FB C3 D7 32 26 42 9E
1A 5E 0F 7C B2 88 9D BA / F2 FE 5A AA 72 2 CD 9F
DE 17 1B D1 D1 4E 6B DA / 6F 4D 76 F7 3B 59 37 E3

I know its very hard since this an eight byte seed but if you can't figure out the algorithm behind it then please guide me with an example on how to figure out the working of a simple one (two bytes long) so I can try to figure out how the reversing process works
since I've never done this I have no Idea how to find the algorithm (from my knowledge it could be a combination or AND OR XOR and SHIFTS) but how to implement that in a real word scenario I have no idea
I hope that some expert in here help me out
if it is easier to get the seed key algorithm from the binary then show me how to get from the binary or I could post the binary here

NB: i'm not intersted in finding the algorithm only, I want to learn how to do it by applying to some simple ones

Thank you canhackers
How the heck did I end up here?
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Re: Ecu Seed Key algorithm

Post by soqe705 »

Disasm fw from unit which calculate it is correct way.
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