Reading PIDs 2013 Dodge Caravan

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Reading PIDs 2013 Dodge Caravan

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Hey Everyone,

This is my first post so please try not to roast me too bad in the replies.

I am trying to read my PIDs from the OBDII on my 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan. I have programming a uC to read the engine RPMs and illuminate an LED if the engine RPMs are non-zero. I have a Freematics OBD-II Emulator that I am able to get my system to work with. When I plug my system into the actual vehicle, I am unable to get the LED to illuminate (with the engine running, obviously). I am having trouble to find exactly what is the difference so if anyone has any information on 2008-2016 Caravan PIDs. I did scope the OBDII port with a scan tool and saw that it was a 500 kb/s baud rate.

I am running my CAN system at 500 kb/s with extended CAN Ids.
For engine RPMs I am sending:
extended ID: 0x18DB33F1
Data 0: 0x02
Data 1: 0x01
Data 2: 0x0C

I have tried with standard ID and it did not work either, but it did work on my emulator. Any help would be greatly appreciated and please let me know if you need any more information. I figured that this would be a good starting point.


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Re: Reading PIDs 2013 Dodge Caravan

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From what i'm reading it looks like you're not requesting for any PID's. If you want to read the current RPM value, you need to request for the specific PID (0x0C). Once you send the the request, the vehicle will respond with the current PID value.
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