CAN BUS reader retrieves a weird message

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CAN BUS reader retrieves a weird message

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Hello, I have built a CAN transmitter using STM32F429-Discovery and CAN receiver using STM32F4-Discovery.

I connected those two boards to CAN via two MCP2551 and the receiver repeatedly retrieves following message:

StdId: 1646
ExtId: 0
IDE: 0
RTR: 0
DLC: 6
DATA[0]: 9
DATA[1]: 123
DATA[2]: 117
DATA[3]: 34
DATA[4]: 42
DATA[5]: 167
DATA[6]: 224
DATA[7]: 166
FMI: 97

Does somebody know what this message could mean? I am sure that my transmitter is not programmed to send such a message.

Thanks for advices

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