CANopen windows library, multiple devices

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CANopen windows library, multiple devices

Post by Bytezar » 2017 Jan 02 10:44

I am going to write Windows application (for commercial use) which will send/receive and trace CANopen messages.

The problem is I don't know what devices will be used by users of this app. Currently I have one require to support only USB-CAN devices. However there is many vendors of such devices and everyone has other api/library/dll to use theirs devices.

(By the way, the problem is because I have to use Windows. As I know on Linux is SocketCAN and everything is more standardized :-()

I don't know which library should I use. Could you recomend me something. Of course this library should support as many vendors (and drivers) as possible. Second require is this library should compile to IL or somehow I can use this library in my C# application.

I have done small research:
* The most popular is CAN Festival but it is abandon project, however there is a few forks.
* There is CANopen for .NET But support only PEAK devices and state is prealpha
* CANopen for Python Support more devices but state is also alpha and I don't know if I can use this library in my c# application. Maybe when I use Python.
* I also found this library: It is commercial, but If support many devices I can buy It. Anyone has used it before??

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