Reverse engineering my gauges

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Reverse engineering my gauges

Post by nate42 » 2018 Mar 11 15:31

I've changed the ECU to aftermarket model, Link Fury to be precise, this silenced the gauges on the car. New ECU can output CAN messages, I just need to know what kind...

Background and what I know already

Car in question is 2012 Caterham R300 with Italian EFI Technology ECU from the factory. One of the first Euro emissions/regulations approved Caterhams.

I have five gauges: Speed, RPM, Fuel level, Coolant temperature and Oil pressure. They are made by Caerbont Automotive Instruments

Using Lawicell CANUSB dongle and usb-utils/Wireshark in Ubuntu Linux I've managed to record canbus traffic with the old ECU. Just power on, engine not running because engine setup has changed a bit. From there I found this kind of packages:

Identifier: 0x00040000
Data 8 bytes: 00 00 00 00 f7 4b 18 62

Identifier: 0x02010000
Data 3 bytes: 00 00 9c

Identifier: 0x03040000
Data 8 bytes: 0f 8d aa ff ff ff ff ff
0f 8d ab ff ff ff ff ff

Identifier: 0x14010000
Data 6 bytes: 00 00 00 00 30 01

What should I do next? Are there any other options than the hard way? By hard way I mean heating the coolant sensors, putting oil pressure sensor under pressure, drain the gas tank, etc and while doing those things record canbus traffic with old ECU and see what bytes change.

All ideas on how to continue are welcome!

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