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by linuxkidd
2005 Jul 24 06:56
Forum: /dev/null
Topic: Signatures for other forums
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Sure... lemme mull this over today and I'll come up with something..

btw.. that's an AWESOME idea!

by linuxkidd
2005 Jul 23 07:54
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello One and All...
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Hello One and All...

A little background about myself: I was in the Navy for 6 years as a Nuclear Electronics Technician. Got out Dec 26th of 2002. Worked for a year as a Communications Engineer under contract to EDS on the Navy Marine Corp Intranet project. Now working as a Systems Engineer under contract from General ...
by linuxkidd
2005 Jul 22 22:01
Forum: /dev/null
Topic: Where's Rev. Hammer's Squirrel?
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Ya... We gotta get Rev.Hammer over here.. :) He may not contribute much to the circuits... but he can sure come up w/ some ideas... and keep people on their toes..
by linuxkidd
2005 Jul 22 21:19
Forum: CAN Projects
Topic: XMDirect
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The XMDirect is an easy beast to conquer. All the data for doing so is easily available on the net. I'll go ahead and post all the information here. The XMDirect uses an 8 pin Mini-Din connector. You can use an Old school Mac print cable. The Pinout is as follows: 1 -> RS-232 Receive ( DB9 - Pin 3 )...
by linuxkidd
2005 Jul 22 20:45
Forum: CAN Interface
Topic: PICDEM CAN-LIN Demo boards
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PICDEM CAN-LIN Demo boards

Per Karl of PAC audio, the following board is a good place to start and learn the CAN protocol. PICDEM CAN-LIN It has an optional external CAN interface. I'm hoping that with a few modifications, we can program the 2 can controllers on this board to act like the Sirius and VES units and interface th...